Reciprocity Agreements

The Milwaukee Yacht Club is a member of The Yachting Club of America. As a Milwaukee Yacht Club member, you have reciprocal benefits with other Yacht Clubs that belong to this organization. To use the Yachting Club of America website, please click

HERE and log in with  User ID of club1040 and the password of y100446c

There are many ports of call that may interest members.  

Links below to search for the Port of your Choice.   To visit, please call ahead to reserve dockage and dining.  Our front office will send a letter of reciprocity to secure your   reciprocity.


Several other clubs throughout Wisconsin also offer reciprocal benefits. See below to view these Clubs.  If interested, you will need to call ahead to arrange your visit. On an individual basis we can review other clubs not listed here for reciprocal benefits.

Contact MYC for further information.                   Reciprocal without MYC calling ahead 
                                                                                   (5X maximum visit)

Blackhawk Country Club                                          Yes (dining and golf) limited Tee-times per year non peak times                                                          
University Club of Chicago Yes, dining and accommodations with letter of introduction
University Club of Milwaukee Yes, no introduction needed.  Members have unlimited visits per year to this club
North Shore Country Club Yes, dining and Tee-Times based on availability.   Have Front Desk call to verify membership ahead
The Club at Strawberry Creek Yes, (dining only)
The Wisconsin Club Yes, (dining only) 
The Madison Club Yes (dining only)
Tripoli Country Club (now University Club) Yes (dining only)
West Bend Country Club Yes (dining only)
Westmoor  Country Club Yes (dining only)
Janesville Country Club Yes (dining only)
Racine Country Club

Yes (dining and golf) Arrange ahead for Tee-Time which is based on availability. John Schneider is Golf Pro 

Wisconsin Club Dining Only
Ozaukee Country Club Dining and Tee Time based on Availability.  Call ahead



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